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Save money with an old plug

Robert Triggs / Android Authority 2021’s Pixel 6 launch seemed to promise a significant boost to the charging speeds of Google’s phones, boasting a 30W charger requirement compared to the sluggish 18W from previous years. Some sleuthing revealed that the company wasn’t entirely honest in its representation, with the Pixel 6 capped at 21W and… Read More »

Daily Authority: 👀 Pixel 7a hands-on photos leak

👻 Hello, and welcome back to Tuesday’s Daily Authority! The sun’s shining, spring is on its way, and I’m headed off on a candlelit tour of a 17th-century haunted house later this week. Wish me luck! In today’s Daily we’ve got hands-on Pixel 7a photos, Nothing Ear 2 specs and renders, bacteria named after Keanu… Read More »

Do you care if your moon mode shot is generated by AI?

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority The Redditor’s experiment showed that Samsung’s moon mode will recognize blurry pictures of the moon and add extra details, craters, and textures out of thin air. It’s also worth noting that Samsung wasn’t the only smartphone brand coming under the microscope for this. Huawei was previously under scrutiny for its… Read More »

The flagship killer you probably can’t buy

The OnePlus 11R is a stunning return to sub-flagship territory for the brand, even more so than the OnePlus 11. It gets almost all the essentials right and delivers a fantastic balance between power and value. This is the OnePlus phone most fans have been waiting for, but sadly very few will have access to.… Read More »