Do Galaxy phones take fake Moon photos? Here’s what Samsung says.

By | March 15, 2023

Now, Samsung has responded to the controversy, issuing a statement to Tom’s Guide. The Korean smartphone brand insists that it isn’t overlaying any images onto the final Moon snap:

When a user takes a photo of the Moon, the AI-based scene optimization technology recognizes the Moon as the main object and takes multiple shots for multi-frame composition, after which AI enhances the details of the image quality and colors. It does not apply any image overlaying to the photo.

Samsung also notes in its statement that users can deactivate the Scene Optimizer if they don’t want these “detail enhancements” for the Moon.

The Galaxy maker notes that these additional details in AI-enabled Moon snaps are indeed “detail enhancements.” But the Redditor’s experiment suggests the phones are effectively generating details (e.g. a cratered surface) out of thin air rather than enhancing elements that the camera can actually detect in the first place.

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